Resident Evil 2 Remake

I am a pretty big fan of the Resident Evil series of games, thanks to my late grandfather who used to play it all the time after work while taking care of me as a little kid, him being a cop he found it fun to play these mystery/investigative games that told a deeper captivating story. As I grew up I have played most every RE game Capcom has released, with a few exceptions; Resident Evil 2 though, was the first one that I actually played and cleared, for both Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield’s stories. I used to love the fear factor that the game brought with it, mostly due to fixed camera positions and jump scares. Another detail I loved about the game was the puzzle solving mechanics that basically make most if not the entirety of the game, but like my grandfather what really caught my attention was the cool stories that came with the games. You can imagine that like many others I was very excited to witness the reveal trailer of the remake @ E3 2018, maybe a bit too hyped as I jumped from my perfectly natural sitting position at the sight of Leon after shooting that zombie in the head, you know what I’m talking about.  

Anyways, when the game came out, I was able to get my hands on a Deluxe Edition of the game with a few extra costumes for both Claire and Leon, which was pretty cool. Even though I had lowered my expectations slightly, due to my experience with many remakes of old games not being really the best they could be I still was super excited for this particular game, probably mostly having to do with nostalgia. I was seriously impressed with how good of a remake this game turned out to be. Sure they changed a few things in everything; storyline, characters, gameplay and the world inside the game itself, but this game was probably one of the best recreations of an older game that I have seen in a very long time (Aside from the Crash and Spyro remakes, those were awesome). The recreation of all the locations, enemies, bosses and main characters were done perfectly in my opinion. Yeah, I know that the main characters like Leon, Claire and Ada were changed compared to their original models in all the past games, but I think that how they look now just fits. For example, Leon actually looks like that one young rookie cop that he is in this game, before he just looked like this one emo action hero and Claire…well just look at this fan art of her!

Artist : Sebastian Aburto Ñanco

The game is true to the original, with the mysterious but captivating survival-horror storytelling and gameplay making you, the player, get in the shoes of both Leon S. Kennedy, which as I mentioned earlier, is just a rookie cop who, in difference to the original, was actually just on standby at his house, where he thought it was weird he was not called in for duty and decided to go to the station to see what was up and ends up in the mess he did. Claire on the other hand is the younger sister of Chris Redfield (Member of S.T.A.R.S., an elite special forces unit under the Raccoon Police Department, and Chris as you may know is the protagonist of the first Resident Evil and other games in the series), so Claire is simply a college student who is in Raccoon City in search of her missing brother and finds herself doing so much more than what she was planning on doing.

I started the game with Leon and I was so happy (and ready to be sad) when I saw all the characters from the original, like that one cop that actually is actually still alive (sort of) in the station and helps Leon, Marvin Branagh (That’s why I was ready for sadness). Seeing Cherry Birkin who is being babysat by Claire in her story and her mother Annette Birkin who basically portrays herself as a mad scientist with a very understandable reason to her madness, specially when you have already fought the mutated husband and father, but also scientist, William Birkin. Chief of Police, Brian Irons looked like a very realistic recreation of his insane self. Ada Wong also looks as attractive and mysterious as I remembered her to be.

I jumped in the same exact terror I used to from seeing the tyrant known as Mr. X lifting the crashed helicopter and following my tracks non-stop, or passing sneakily by the iconic Lickers who looked disgustingly creepy and of course are as blind as bats (That’s a tip by the way). The coolest things to see though, was the multiple very different and very terrifying zombies that show up everywhere in the game, including the K-9 zombies (which I hated and still do), and those plant zombies found later on in the game. They all look so good.

It was a great experience to play it and I would definitely recommend fans and newcomers to the series to also play it. It does a great job in portraying the original while also giving you a fresh new feel. I am still playing through the Claire storyline and will definitely give a second part to this post once I finish it. Thanks for reading my experience with it. I will be posting again next week, if you would like to follow my posts, please sign up by clicking the appropriate tab, bye!

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